• Feasibility, Viability, Market Driven studies and Strategic Planning.
  • Business Model Planning.
  • Capital Market Resource Planning & Co-ordination.
  • Setting-up new Business in India or Expansion -Diversification Projects.
  • Corporate Mergers, Amalgamation and Reorganization.
  • Corporate Financial & Advisory Services.
  • Management Consultancy Services.
  • Support Services.
Professional Services
Feasibility, Viability, Market Driven Studies and Strategic Planning:
  • Project techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Financial -economic viability studies
  • Product market studies
  • Strategic studies for product marketing
  • Feasibility studies for technological up-gradation
  • Strategic Planning & implementation studies
Business Model Planning
  • Designing New business models
  • Re-engineering the existing models with extensive reviews
Capital Market Resource Planning & Co-ordination
Setting-up new Business in India or Expansion - Diversification Projects:
  • Formulation of Business Entry Strategy &Plans
  • Expansion & re-organisation of existing business
  • Direct / Indirect taxation
  • Assistance in site selection, land related matters for new projects
  • Assistance in obtaining Govt. Approvals (FDI, SIA, RBI, company Incorporation, Initial Registrations etc)
  • Financial, legal, Strategic consulting during implementation
  • Revival & rehabilitation process assistance
Corporate Mergers, Amalgamation and Re-organization
Corporate Financial & Advisory Services
  • Capital & Debt structuring & risk management
  • Fund raising & banking arrangements
  • Process improvement & internal controls
  • Acquisition of running business and consolidation advisory
  • Investment and assets management services
  • Legal & Financial Compliances
Management Consultancy Services
  • Business Process Re-engineering & Alignment
  • Preparing & Evaluation of Corporate Financial Plans
  • Efficiency, Management and Compliances
  • Developing functional management systems & MIS
  • Cost Accounting, Analysis and engagement
  • Developing functional management systems for social organizations
Support Services
  • Commercial, financial and Corporate Compliances
  • Legal & financial due diligence
  • Business valuation
  • Rehabilitation plans & settlement with banks & financial institutions
  • Accounting and tax related matters
  • Drafting agreements deeds & arrangements.